Sunday, August 27, 2006

New wingnut logic: Withdraw and win!

OK, let's see if I follow this logic.

Happy Iraqers the world over are trumpeting this study, published in the Washington Post yesterday, that shows that one would be less likely to die as a troop serving in Iraq than an ordinary person living in Philadelphia ("US out of Philadelphia now!" one nutter hilariously proclaims).

So, if I understand this correctly, the fewer casualties America suffers, the more we are "winning," no? (It's not a catasrophe at all!). Therefore, it is irrelevant whether Iraq descends into a failed state or warring factions destroy the country or if it becomes a safe haven for terrorists, only if our troop death numbers are low.

Terrific. So by this logic, if we just withdraw all the troops behind the wire or even brought them all home, casualties would equal zero. And we win.


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