Sunday, August 27, 2006

Outrage for outrage's sake

Andy McCarthy (no, not that one) in high dudgeon:

At the press conference, Steve Centanni stated that he and Olaf Wiig "were forced to
convert to Islam at gunpoint."

Will Reuters, which thought the "conversion" was newsworthy, report on

Why yes, dipshit, they did. But nice try smearing Reuters with reporting the news.

See, here's how it works, fools. Reuters reported what they knew when they had it. They are a wire service. They update the information when it becomes available. The video was released by the abductors first. The press conference, in which the reporters said they were forced to convert, was later. Reuters put that information at the top of their later stories. Get it?

These idiots don't even know what they're angry about anymore.

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