Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, well, well...

For the past week or so, the respectable pundits in the nutzosphere have been tugging at their beards, staring at the sky and wondering why, exactly, hadn't the Fox News abductions been covered more thoroughly? Is it because the MuslamonaziMSM wants them to die???!1!"

Lots of readers e-mailed last week wondering why Centanni and Wiig's kidnapping is barely on the MSM radar screen. It's a damned good question, especially at a time when journalist Jill Carroll seems to be all over the airwaves and in every major newspaper promoting her book [correction: newspaper series] about her kidnapping by Iraqi terrorists last year.

Whatever the reason, I find the apparent apathy about Centanni and Wiig's kidnapping grossly disturbing.

As they say, Sadly, No!

The spate of kidnappings also creates a dilemma for other news outlets, since heavy coverage could undermine what are invariably delicate negotiations. After Centanni and Wiig were seized, [Fox News Chairman Roger] Ailes called top news executives at the other networks and urged them to exercise restraint.

Ah. Well, then. Over to you, Michelle.

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