Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Paging the State-insult outrage police

Remember how nutso people got with Charlie Rangel insulting Mississippi? Well, we give you Grover Norquist, conservative head of Americans for Tax Reform, appearing on WNYC Radio, discussing whether the residents of the Bay State are actually citizens of the United States: [Audio link. Starts at 20:10]

NORQUIST: I think Romney has done a better job of being good on the Second Amendment, fighting on spending, trying to push reform, while at the same time living in my home state of Massachusetts, where I (sigh) grew up before I immigrated to America.

LEHRER Oooh… Immigrated to America, ouch. We have some people in Massachusetts in our listener audience (laughter)

NORQUIST: I love Massachusetts! My parents live there. I go past Checkpoint Charlie and visit them. (laughter)

Get it? The non-American residents of Massachusetts are Communists! Oh my God, that's hilarious! I'm sure we'll be hearing from the Outrage Commission shortly. Right?

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