Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bush fluffer syndrome

I have a little sympathy for the view that it's a less than decent to wait until you're dead to level your criticisms on Iraq at the President, but William Bennett, writing over at The Corner, has to take it one step further:

This is not courage, this is not decent. The manly or more decent options are these: 1. Say it to Bush's or Cheney's face and allow them and us to engage the point while you're around, or 2. Far more decently, say nothing critical of Bush will be on the record until his presidency is over. There's a 3. Don't say anything critical of George Bush to Bob Woodward at all.

Because saying anything critical of George Bush would be very, very bad. After all he's in a "very, very tough place," and is "trying to do the right thing." Hey, that's good enough for me! Who am I to judge?

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