Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How to report, Blog-style

Bryan Preston has just returned from his trip to Iraq with Michelle Malkin. What did he learn?

Michelle and I spent four days patrolling the environs around Forward Operating Base Justice in north and west Baghdad last week. FOB Justice is near one functional neighborhood, Khadimiyah, one mostly recovered neighborhood, Al Salam, one dysfunctional neighborhood, Al Hurriyah, and an al Qaeda-influenced area the name of which I never learned.

So Bryan went to Iraq to report on the situation there, was taken to several neighborhoods by the military, and then acknowledges in the first paragraph that he was too lazy, incurious or incompetent to learn the name of the neighborhood he reported from. Calling or emailing a Public Affiars Officer to you know, find out, was apparently out of the question.

Later, he excoriates the "mainstream media" for employing methods that "feed the insurgency’s propaganda needs and damage our efforts to win" in Iraq. Mr. Preston also informs us that:

The media is incurious.

Maybe. But I bet they find out the name of that neighborhood they went to on their four-day reporting trip.

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