Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Next week: Nuke the Sunnis!

Genocide as national policy:

FRED BARNES: And I don't think, and we see it in the media, in particular, that the Sunnis should be treated as some abused minority. They have accepted no guilt, no responsibility for Saddam's crimes . . . They have mounted the insurgency, and those who weren't a part of it allowed it. They provided the ocean that allowed these insurgents to swim in. . . .

I'm not worried about harmony. What I'm worried about is crushing the Sunni insurgency, because nothing good can happen until then. There's no offer that can be made that somebody can accept. First you have to have security. You can't have this level of violence there caused mostly by the Sunni insurgency. They're the ones who are carrying out all the suicide bombings, and they can get mad about it because they think it wasn't a dignified execution, I say so what.

It's especially instructive to see how Barnes mixes up everyday Sunnis who may or may not sympathize with the insurgency with the full-out fighters. In his world, conducting a sham of an execution that inflames the entire Sunni population matters little. You know, because they're bad people and they started it all!

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