Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What kind of man is Gordon Smith?

Hugh Hewitt:

The senators most likely to rethink their support for such a resolution after the testimony by General Petraeus that such a resolution would be an encouragement to our enemy are Minnesota's Norm Coleman, Maine's Susan Collins and Oregon's Gordon Smith. All three are serious senators and good people...

Dean Barnett writing on Hugh Hewitt's site:

The problem is most of our congressmen don’t look beyond the surface. So when a lightweight like Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon refers to the surge as a “Hail Mary pass,” I’m quite willing to believe that he says such things not out of malice but out of ignorance regarding the tactical sea-change that the surge represents.

Oh, and he's also an "idiot," and further:

Frankly, there’s a greater likelihood of unicorns flying out of my ass this afternoon than Gordon Smith demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of anything.

So what did we learn from the intellectual heavyweights at That the Senator from Oregon is a good and serious lightweight idiot-man.

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