Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mission: Silly

Never ones to take a technical knockout and then not keep fighting, Power Line suggests that we should all use the Power of the Blogosphere to determine whether John McCain was right in asserting that people like McCain and Bill Bennett can now stroll peacefully down many boulevards in Baghdad without fear of death or dismemberment (To which CNN's Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware responds: HaHaHaHaHa!).

Knowing that the media are biased and possibly evil, Power Line quotes Bennett's producer hilariously wondering aloud:

So some research is required, in the best tradition of getting at the truth, using radio, cable news, and the blogosphere: any of our military readers on the ground in Iraq care to chime in?

To which the Power Lineman sez:

Who is right? McCain, Ware? Or is it somewhere in between. Seth suggests that we "bleg" our readers in uniform on the ground who, "we have a feeling, might just be able to give the most credible report of all." Please let us hear from you.

Yes, who is right? I, for one, will be intrigued to see just how many unarmed, non-dead American civilians our military finds strolling down the liberated streets of Iraq's capital.

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