Friday, March 02, 2007

Peretz: All muslims are rapists, of course

And I'm also sure the still-Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic would agree that all Jews are money-grubbing blood-suckers:

I noted in my Spine posting this morning that a Beduin gang in Israel had been raping Jewish women as acts of revenge for what the IDF did in the West Bank. One fact that is certain is that rape is not one of its activities. And that is because flesh is not a provocation or a dare in Israeli life. Women and men wear clothes appropriate to the weather. Like people in, let's say, Barcelona. How does one explain this cruel and uncivilized "political" act? Well, surely not politically. These are repressed men, very repressed, and since they cannot kiss or touch women in their own towns ... you understand.

No, Marty, I don't undertand. Please explain in full. Are all Muslims the world over rapists or potential rapists because they are allegedly "repressed"? Is there any bigoted stereotype out there about Muslims you won't promote?

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