Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For some reason, one of the Powerlinemen puts up a somewhat gracious (!) post noting the passing of David Halberstam (including a dig at his Vietnam reporting, of course)

Now let's jump over to the comment board, shall we, where a Power fanboy named "jmoss1976" notes:

Not a bad obit for a left wing hack who undermined our efforts in ‘Nam.

What goes around.....

Ha. See, his traitorous reporting was bad karma that got him killed. Or something. Classy.

Or as a later commenter notes:

I was wondering how long it would take Powerline to start the race to the bottom of the barrel.

Whatever. Just read Greenwald on the matter of Halberstam.

UPDATE: Okaaay, now we get it. See, Halberstam was going after "liberal Democrats" in his early 60's reportage. Erego his negative take on Vietnam was conducted in an "earnest and probably good faith effort."

It's really very hard to describe these people at Power Line as anything but ridiculous buffons.

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