Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Hugh Hewitt had Michael Isikoff, of Newsweek, on his show recently. Here's a little flavor:

Michael Isikoff: And Hugh, you do agree there was no real evidence of a
connection between Saddam and al Qaeda?

Hugh Hewitt: I don’t. Absolutely not. I know that Zawahiri (sic) was in the country, I know that he is…

MI: When? When was he in the country and where?

HH: We don’t know for sure. He was certainly in Kurdistan.

MI: We don’t know for sure.

HH: He may have been in Baghdad.

MI: In Kurdistan, which was under the control, not under the control of Saddam’s regime.

Exactly. See, for Hugh, there is no truth -- just "spin" on the issues. That he would conjure the Zarqawi gambit as evidence of an al Qaeda-Saddam connection shows the depths he would go to serve his hacksterism. It's silly.

P.S. Obviously, they're talking about Zarqawi, not Zawahiri.

Here's some more picking around the brain of Hugh.

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