Wednesday, May 02, 2007

End of Milblogs?

Wired is reporting that the Army has adopted new rules for service members who blog -- and they're not good ones. Apparently, the rules stipulate that every post must be cleared by a commander. As one milblogger put it, the effect may well be that CO's will just outright restrict blogging altogether, rather than run the risk of getting reprimanded for a screw-up.

"[M]any commanders will feel like they have no choice but to forbid their soldiers from blogging -- or even using e-mail," said Jeff Nuding, who won the bronze star for his service in Iraq. "If I'm a commander, and think that any slip-up gets me screwed, I'm making it easy: No blogs," added Nuding, writer of the "pro-victory" Dadmanly site. "I think this means the end of my blogging."

The Army should really reconsider this step.

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