Saturday, May 05, 2007

Exciting Simpsons Movie Blogging

An otherwise interesting NYT article starts with a disastrous error:

Obsessive fans of "The Simpsons" -- and really, is there any other kind? -- may remember an early episode of the show in which the denizens of Springfield brace themselves for the debut of a movie starring the cartoon cat-and-mouse pair Itchy and Scratchy. As the film's premiere draws closer, the hype surrounding it becomes unavoidable, promotions and merchandising spin out of control and rabid moviegoers gather outside theaters in lines that stretch beyond the horizon.

What happened inside those theaters, nobody fully knows. "We never actually showed the Itchy and Scratchy movie," said Al Lean, an executive producer and longtime show runner on "The Simpsons." "We knew that would be the hard part."

Well, as a Simpsons obsessive , I object! Both Itzkoff and Jean are, regrettably, misremembering the ending to that episode. Just watch this clip starting at 4:45, and you'll see a 35-second snippet of the movie, in which Itchy gets his engineer's license so that he properly run over a tied-to-the-tracks Scratchy. After the scene, Homer mutters: "Itchy's a jerk."

P.S. Does it make me a loser that I remember the show better than the "executive producer and longtime show runner"? Yes?

UPDATE: Link added.

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