Monday, June 25, 2007

Amanda Marcotte who?

This is some pretty weak hackwork, even for the low, low standards of Dean Barnett:

There’s something about this story that stinks, and it really bothers me. Jay Garrity is a civilian. It’s unfair that the Boston media has adopted him as their preferred club du jour with which to bludgeon the Romney campaign. If Garrity has misbehaved in his capacity of working with the Romney campaign, his misbehavior should rest at the candidate’s feet and Romney himself should have to account for the allegations. But Jay Garrity is not a public figure. His alleged misdeeds are not news.

Even the Townhall commenters can't seem to stomach the "Scandal? What scandal" shtick, and they aptly point out Barnett's lack of consistency on such matters ("judged by the company he keeps," indeed!).

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