Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hewittian Obscura

Only the truly deranged (say, I don't know, Hugh Hewitt) would come away from reading accounts of the Gaza fighting and not conclude that some really bad shit happened.

But for Hugh Hewitt (armchair warrior, armchair journalist) the reporting of alleged executions and atrocities in the mainstream press is evidence that mainstream press is of course covering up those executions and atrocities, or to wit: "The reports I have read today... seem intent on downplaying the seismic nature of the Hamas coup in Gaza."

Mr. Hewitt then goes on to link to several stories, reported in the mainstream press, that tell us about that which he said is being downplayed.

Not content with this embarrassment, Hewitt sniffs, in conclusion, that the press are "eager for a storyline that makes Bush the prime mover behind the world's troubles."

Well, I don't know. Maybe. I'll just say it's curious that Hewitt fails to mention that it was the Bush administration that actively encouraged -- indeed, accelerated -- the "democratic" elections in Gaza and the West Bank in the aftermath of the glorious "Arab Spring" that eventually led to Hamas's political ascension. Such a fact obviously doesn't make our President completely responsible for everything that followed, but it sure is something to think about. Unless, of course, you are blinded by Bush Bootlick Syndrome.

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