Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Interesting Theory

John Kass:

Why journalists play down black-on-white crime would take more than a few columns to answer. We don't want to give comfort to white racists. It also may have something to do with our politics.

Yeah, it must've been politics when journalists totally underplayed the Central Park jogger case [black teens gone wild!], the initial reporting on the Susan Smith case [babies abducted by a black man!], and uhhh...Oh, I don't know...someone named Orenthal.

Try again, geniuses.

[via the relentlessly obtuse Prof. Reynolds, who fails to mention that he's quoted in the piece as saying: "You've seen a lot of people with impeccable credentials making the point that the press does play up white-on-black crime and play down black-on-white crime. I think it's a fair criticism. And it just empowers the crazies when the mainstream media soft-pedals this stuff."]

UPDATE: See also, St. Guillen, Imette; Moore, Jennifer. Observe how the mainstream press ran away from those black-on-white crimes.

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