Sunday, June 17, 2007

What is the "Google News" of which everyone is speaking?

Thank goodness we have Little Green Footballs and the sharp-eyed folks at Newsbusters to ask this very important question :

Will Media Report Palestinians Fleeing Gaza For Israel?

Indeed, will they? And, more importantly, how would one ever be able to find out about such a thing ?

To the Google-ometer!

Why, looky here, an AP article from June 15, a full day prior to LGF's plea.

Israel's Channel Two TV said Israel was briefly opening the Erez crossing into
Israel to enable other Fatah leaders to escape.

And, oh dear, here's another AP article, also from Friday explaining:

Before word came of Hamas' amnesty offer, 97 Fatah officials fled in a fishing
boat to Egypt. Others reached Israel via the Erez crossing and headed to the
West Bank.

Oh, and here are only about 4,765 other news stories regarding the refugees gathering at the Erez crossing in an attempt to flee Gaza for Israel. And here's a story from YNet News explaining why the Israeli government is not altogether thrilled with this development (let's take bets on whether LGF links to that story).

It's another conspiracy hidden in plain sight.

[As an aside, let's also remember that LGF and Newsbusters first became aware of the story due to an AP photo describing the attempts by Palestinians to flee to Israel. ]

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