Monday, July 23, 2007

The exciting TNR-is-he-a-fake-soldier? hullabalo

This screed seeks to excoriate the pseudonymous soldier who wrote a piece in The New Republic regarding the horrors that soldiers are supposedly committing in Iraq. I remain agnostic on all fronts. However, if the post had, perhaps, say, a single fact that could counter the original piece, I might be willing to believe it. But the author seems incapable of mounting such a defense, so what's the point? That aside, I believe is the most telling part of the piece:

...[T]here is also a bit of assumed wisdom on our side as well. That is that most journalists are gutless weasels possuming a ride on the backs of better men and women than themselves. They are parasites whose sole function seems to be advancing a narrative of evil America, cause of all that is ill with this world. There is no problem they are unwilling to lay at the feet of greedy rapacious America, busy killing brown people all over the planet, and now even slaughtering Gaia herself. Damn us!

Journalists are gutless weasels riding on the backs of better men and women? That's a fairly glib, robust charge, and it's pretty much all you need to know about the character of the author of that post.

To be fair, other Blackfive posters have tried to dispute the article with facts and alleged incongruities in correspondences from soldiers who think they know which unit this alleged soldier is corresponding from. TNR says it is investigating.

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