Monday, July 23, 2007

Why we will never lose in Iraq

If you're Hugh Hewitt, that is. Was strolling through a transcript of Hewitt's interview of Joel Achenbach that included the typical Hewitt-style ambush tactics, when I came across a passage so astonishing I had to pull it out:

I think actually, we deploy our technologies every single day in the War On Terror in Iraq, and everywhere else, to great effect and great success. And I think if you'd talked to some military people...I'm a civilian, like you, but I try and talk to a lot of them. They think we're doing a hell of a job there, that we're winning, and that we're simply not getting the message back to the American people that the effort is not only good and noble, but working. And I think your column may have fallen into the defeatist tinge a little bit, and a little bit ambivalent about whether we can ever win this thing.

This was from June, 2006. Four months after the Samarra mosque bombing. When, according to most accounts, the country's security had descended from simply bad to the equivalent of Hell on Earth. And yet, here is Mr. Hewitt, blithely asserting on his radio program that "We're winning" and our strategy is "working." It is lunacy. Or lying. What people like Gen. Petraeus need to understand is that Hugh Hewitt is a very calm, very intelligent, very friendly, nut.

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