Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Also, what's with all this Genocide-is-bad talk?

Famed theater critic Mark Steyn was filling in for Laura Ingraham on the radio tonight. What did we learn?

Everyone's making a big fuss about the Sunnis leaving the government. But Sunnis are -- what? -- 17 percent of the population. They have to accept that they're the
minority. They'll never return to power. Besides, there's nothing that says a government has to represent everybody.

In fact, he calmly explained, governments that claim to represent all the people are actually bad and stuff, and are probably authoritarian.

Really, that's what he said.

Also, Democrats will be really fearful of a "Victory Parade" (his words) when we win the Iraq war. Then he quoted Bill Bennett quoting a line from a 45-year-old movie ("It is written" -- they like quoting movies!) that apparently means that Democrats want to lose. He then talked about cooking shows.

Note: The above quote is a rough transcript. Not exact, but awfully close.

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