Monday, August 13, 2007

Beware the Invading Hordes

Shorter, erstwhile, "Time Magazine's Blog of the Year":

Hey everyone, observe my barely concealed xenophobia and racism!

To wit:

One of the basic tenets of the contemporary liberal faith is the beauty of "diversity." Every day the dogmas of multiculturalism are promulgated relentlessly by our schools, newspapers and media, and public authorities. The transformation of the United States by waves of immigration from non-European countries is always depicted as a phenomenon to be celebrated, as are the immigrants' religions and cultures.

Minneapolis and St. Paul have been deeply affected by the large number of Somali and Hmong immigrants who have made the Twin Cities metropolitan area their home. Their occasionally disturbing cultural practices and the related social costs are rarely discussed.

Let's just say that this post could have been written about 100 years ago, substituting "Somali" and "Hmong" for "Jew" and "Italian":

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