Monday, August 13, 2007

Creepy-talk-show-host-exchange alert

Limbaugh really is a disgusting man. Here is a woman calling in to the radio show, explaining how she's taking up golfing.

CALLER: Did I tell you Rush is one of my all-time favorite guy names?

RUSH: No. But you just did. Quick, let me ask you a question, Bridgette, before you get into golf business here because I have a great way of teaching women to play golf, if you're interested.

CALLER: Private lessons?

RUSH: Yes. You start out with the irons, you gradually work our way into the woods.

CALLER: [Long, uncomfortable pause] Okaaaay. I love it when you flirt.

RUSH: (Laughing) It's an old joke.

You really have to listen to this exchange to get the full flavor. The reaction from the caller is priceless. It's obvious that she's playfully, but not seriously, flirting. And then Limbaugh -- clearly a sociopath -- unleashes his dick "joke" on her. The woman's pause, then the dismissive "Okaaaaay" are all you need to know about how clueless a lech Limbaugh is.

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