Thursday, August 02, 2007

Now who can we hate?

Despite what many have alleged, Scott Beauchamp's stories are true (with a minor flaw in location), and that provides opportunities for those who attempted to discredit him to come forward and offer their apologies and penance.

Oh look, here's one gracious soul already!

TNR’s deliberately vague and obfuscating editorial begs the inescapable conclusion that Scott Beauchamp is a fabulist, one that the editors of TNR have inexplicably decided to stand by. TNR has clambered into its hole, and bizarrely kept digging.

That really is big of the author of that post, considering he already made clear that this was never about whether or not the article was "true" (which it is) but whether Scott Beauchamp and by extension The New Republic were, say, evil.

And here are the kindly souls who got l'affaire Beauchamp rolling, the same ones who employed as a source a former male escort and porn star with credibility issues of his own. Observe the graciousness of the headline:

TNR's 'Investigation' Reveals Beauchamp Was Always a Monster

It really is something to behold. When proven wrong, these folks come through the only way they know how: classy whining and humble goalpost-shifting.

They are the real heroes.

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