Thursday, August 16, 2007

Occam Strikes Again

I don't know whether Ed Morrissey was employing ironic non-irony or studied stupidity, but he had a fascinating passage regarding the curious absence of a Howard Kurtz column following the resignation of Karl Rove:

Just hours after Howard's last column, Karl Rove resigned from the Bush Administration, probably the biggest political story of the year. Everyone has written about this and offered their viewpoints on the meaning of Rove and his resignation. Rona Barrett probably had something to say about it.

And ever since, Howard Kurtz has remained ... silent. I suspect a Rovian plot to keep Howard from revealing all he knows about the soon-to-be former Bush aide. Or perhaps, a conspiracy among media outlets has kept Howard locked in an old film room, surrounded by tapes of Jerry Dunphy and Bree Walker, attempting to drive him crazy to keep him from revealing their desperation on losing one of their favorite punching bags.

Or maybe he's just on vacation.

He was on vacation, bright boy. Writes Kurtz today: "When I left town a couple of days ago, Karl Rove was still running the world."

Just because you have a "Publish" button doesn't mean you should press it.

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