Thursday, August 09, 2007

What is a Jawa?

In Michael Weiss's world, the good-natured "Jawa Report" is a simple homage to those lovable sand creatures featured in "Star Wars."
For some reason (don't ask me why) conservatives christen their sites with geek pop-culture references more often than liberals do. The Jawa Report seems to think those hooded midgets at the beginning of Star Wars were acolytes of Milton Friedman...

Now I get it! My Pet Jawa (the blog's original name) is all about George Lucas and stabilization theory or something: my neighborhood... there were a lot of Muslims from Islamic countries who were very cool and were here because they fled the asshat Mullahs of the Islamic Republic or the religious fascists of that Islamic Kingdom and therefore were not Jawas because Jawas is a term saved for Muslims who create the sea for which Islamist Tusken Raiders are allowed to swim...

Hmm. That doesn't sound like it has anything to do with Milton Friedman or Alec Guinness. Well, let's read on, where the proprietor of "My Pet Jawa" describes someone from Saudi Arabia who had the temerity to disagree with him:

...he also would never want to force Sharia on the world but believed Muslims ought to choose to follow Islamic precepts unlilke that camel-loving jawa Muslim from a certain unnamed Kingdom that is ruled by a radical Islamic school of thought...

The proprietor of the site, a man known by the pseudonym "Dr. Rusty Shackleford" also seems to believe that Borat is some sort of documentary about "crazy Kazakhs." He also has a delightful site called Flush the Koran. In a later post, Dr. Shackleford patiently explains to his readers that "Jawa" is not at all a slur against Arabs, but rather, against Afghanis, and I guess Muslims. Or something.

UPDATE: Oh, Geez, how did I miss this?

In a real war, against real enemies, we need some good old fashioned, sweet down-home, funny, bigotted propoganda. Tell me, what would the "greatest generation" think of liberal wusses cringing at words like "kraut" and "nip"? Remember all those great bugs-bunny cartoons demonizing the Nazis? "Nazis is zee craziest people!" Rip-roaring fun with a message: the enemy is real and we are better than they.

So, poke fun at Islam. Make fun of Muhammed. Paint our enemies in the worst light possible. Tell jokes about them. Create art that ridicules them. Sing songs not suitable for prime-time. Offend people that need offending.

Get it now, Mr. Weiss?

LATER: Lest we forget, a prominent "libertarian" site seems to have no problem promoting an avowed racist.

MUCH LATER: Weiss responds via email: "Actually, the Milton Friedman line was a joke."

Huh? As I wrote back to him: "A joke? Can you explain? Was Friedman short or something? Was he partial to hoods?"

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