Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hell is for Heroes

In gearing up for the anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, Glenn Reynolds helpfully links to a fellow who reminds us that We Are At War and that We Must Prevail and other inspiring messages that may or may not have come from the deleted scenes of the Red Dawn Collector’s Edition.

Then the Professor highlights a Michelle Malkin post that insists that we must Win The War (how that lofty goal might be achieved we are not told).

And then it’s on to a petition supporting the surge -- which may or may not artificially inflate pageviews for the awesome Victory Caucus.

Thank goodness we have people like Glenn Reynolds, winner of the Armchair Silver Star, to remind us Why We Fight. And encourage us to Continue to Fight. Go, Fight, Win! Still, I wonder what 2007 Reynolds would have to say to 2005 Reynolds?

I confess that I don't blame people for being tired of the war. I was tired of the war before we invaded Iraq. (In fact, one of my early posts here at MSNBC -- now lost to this site's former archiving system, alas -- was entitled "Confessions of a Weary War-Blogger"). But people are usually tired of wars long before they're over. The phrase is "war is Hell," not "war is amusing."

War certainly is tiring from the front lines of Cyberia. We should be thankful that the Professor has been able to stick it out this long, to all of our amusement.

UPDATE: Oh, heck. Here's a link to a 2003 post in which the super-patriot Reynolds warms up his Kerry-attack antics by generically questioning the integrity of those who served in wartime:

We’ve seen journalists develop something akin to the “ticket punching” mentality that the U.S. Army had in Vietnam, where being able to say you were there is more important than the quality of work you did.

Try and fathom that a non-serving citizen actually had the temerity to say this.

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