Friday, September 07, 2007

A majority of traitors

Rush Limbaugh -- not an especially subtle man -- has up until now kept the treason card in his back pocket. He likes to imply treason, but generally comes right up to the T-word and punt. Here he is posing the matter as a question: Did Joe Wilson commit treason?

Well, not anymore!

What these Democrats are doing, folks, is treasonous! There's no other way to describe this. Look it up in the dictionary.


Now, in the midst of battle, in the midst of success, for a major political party in this country to come out and openly admit that they are doing everything they can to discredit the credibility, the character, the honor of the commanding general -- for whom they all voted, and whose efforts they funded! They voted to fund his efforts. This is worse than shameless. I don't know that there is a word in the dictionary to describe these people other than poltroons.

This is the new trick. Criticism of General Petraeus is simply not permitted. And is now a hangable offense if it occurs. The Weimar Watch continues.

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