Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things to make you sick

In a discussion regarding Cleveland's running away from the rest of the AL Central, we get this cringe-inducing tidbit in the hometown paper:

One key to the Indians' success is closer Joe Borowski, who entered Friday with a league-best 40 saves.

Yes, that's the same Joe Borowski who thought he had a two-year contract with the Phillies last winter. The Phils got cold feet on the deal after their doctors had concerns about the condition of the pitcher's right shoulder.

The Phillies tried to restructure the deal at lower terms, but by that time Borowski was off to Cleveland, where he has had a terrific season and looks like a lock to pitch in the postseason.

If the Phillies had signed Borowski, he could have helped on two fronts - at the back of the bullpen, and in the rotation as his presence might have allowed Brett Myers to remain a starter.

That's the lovable Phillies for you! Pass on the guy with phantom shoulder problems and pick up the guy with real, live shoulder problems.

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