Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ann from Madison

Over at Althouse's place:

Now, of course, Carville, as usual, is crowing about the fabulous Democrats and mocking those dismal losers on the other side. But he must also secretly be scared of the Democrats' powerful, fearless, articulate critic [in Limbaugh]. Those Republicans in Congress were conveniently cowed, and the last thing that needed to be done was to ruin Rush. But Rush gets energy from the attention. If only those under 40 folks would actually listen to his radio show and find out what he's really saying. It's easy to hate him from afar, to regard him as poison, not to be touched at all. I felt that way myself. But if they were to overcome that barrier and actually listen — as I did — they might get hooked in — as I did.


In fact, with all this newfound power, Rush is likely to concentrate on explaining conservatism. He's not out of control, and it would be naive to think he's going to say outrageous things that can be used to hurt Republicans. He's more likely to throw stink bombs when he's notgetting enough attention. What he will do now, I think, is highlight things Democrats say and show you why those things are outrageous — and he is at his best and most entertaining when he does exactly that.

This is complete mush. So Limbaugh is "fearless and articulate"  is "not out of control" and is a man who has "touched" (ahem) Ann Althouse. Hm. She just may be the only Dittohead in America to have voted for Obama -- which, if you've ever listened to even one day of Limbaugh, would make you a complete idiot.  Is it something in their natures that makes law professors some of the stupidest people in the world? 

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