Monday, March 02, 2009

The Fox-Hunt Rule

While the InstaPundit explores his exciting new interest in street organizing, let's keep in mind that this is a fellow who just a few years ago posted tirelessly about his skepticism regarding crowd turnout counts prior to the war in Iraq including, we kid you not, one instance in which he called a satellite imaging expert to inquire about taking pictures of crowds (which were clearly overinflated! Dammit!). One of those posts included this intriguing passage:

50,000 PEOPLE ARE DEMONSTRATING IN LONDON AGAINST WAR: Though the press accounts probably won't make a lot of this point, that's less than 1/8 as many as demonstrated against a ban on fox-hunting last weekend. (And the foxhunting crowd was, um, more striking in ways other than mere numbers). I think that means the antiwar protests deserve less than 1/8 the attention.

That's a good rubric. Maybe the Professorman can calculate what kind of coverage 150 protestors in the largest city in the country deserves. Even better, maybe he can compare it to the number of people who were looking at SUVs in Detroit. 

(In a related post from that era, he describes antiwar turnout as "embarrassing" compared with the fox-hunt outrage)

ALSO: Roy has more fun with this.

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