Sunday, March 15, 2009

Michael Silence kant reed?

Some guy who blogs for a newspaper in Tennessee is very upset!

MSM comes to the Tea Party's 'handful of protests'

Handful? Let's count 'em: Cincinnati, Nebraska, Tampa, Lexington, Ridgefield, Conn., Raleigh, Orlando, D.C., Staten Island, Pasadena, Boston, Rochester, N.Y., Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cleveland, Columbus, Mo...

Zzzzz. Well anyway, ZING! But, no, wait, what's the opposite of zing? Oh, yes, context:

She is behind one of a handful of protests around the country that aim to bombard the White House with tea bags and protest notes in time for the nation's April 15 tax filing deadline.

I know this is subtle, but lemme explain. The writer is not talking about those people who gather outside to protest, but, rather a smaller subset who plan to -- idiotically -- send tea bags to the White House in time for tax day. Get it?

If I were the uncharitable sort, I'd wonder why such a very brief, albeit clear, one-sentence paragraph wasn't even included in Silence's original post.

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