Friday, March 06, 2009


Ah, the perils of reporting in the go-go Internet age. This item was posted on the NYT's site just minutes prior to the close of the markets today, when it looked plausible that things would be negative for the day:

A week of battering sell-offs that dragged financial markets to their lowest levels in 12 years was on track to end with more losses on Friday after a report that the national unemployment rate surged to its highest levels in 25 years. Wall Street tried to rally at the end, but fell short once again.

Uh, no

Dow: Up 32, 
S&P: Up .83

This is nitpickery, but still, it would have saved some embarrassment if they had waited, say, five minutes to publish about a topic that everyone knows about anyway.

The updated lede reads:

Wall Street ended a week of battering sell-offs on an up note, as stock markets closed mostly higher despite a report showing that unemployment had surged to its highest levels in 25 years.

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