Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kill em all

Thank goodness for people like Mark Krikorian:

...[I]f every one of those pirates on the lifeboat isn't sleeping with the fishes within the next day or two, then the ChiComs, the ayatollahs, Putin, and the rest will figure they were right about Obama's effete diffidence and will act accordingly. On the other hand, if our destroyer sends the pirates to their deaths, combined with the fact the American crew — the unarmed crew — actually took back the ship from the pirates, Flight 93-style, then the world's rogues might think twice in the future, the way that Reagan's reaction to the PATCO strike had salutary foreign-policy consequences.

The above, of course, is full-on crazy. PATCO? The air-traffic controllers? Seriously? On the other hand, I'm having a hard time finding right-wing outrage at the Appeaser-in-Chief George W. Bush for say, not dropping everything to find contractors in Iraq who had been held hostage for two years (and were eventually executed) or three soldiers who were abducted just two years ago. Or soldiers who were, again, abducted in Iraq and found dead a year later. I don't recall a hue and cry over stuff like this.


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