Thursday, April 09, 2009

Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweethearts

Shorter Roger L. Simon:

The glorious Tea Party Tax Day protests are going to be composed exclusively of good, clean, hard-working average Joes, so just remember that if you see anyone engaging in wild and inappropriate behavior like, say calling for the death of our President or spitting on, threatening, or even physically attacking reporters, these people are -- every single one of them -- liberal plants from ACORN and the Huffington Post and should not in any way be seen as a reflection of our group as a whole. 
Rog further writes: "According to Newsbusters derived from the Cavuto Show and other sources..." This is Wingnut Reporting at its finest. The "sources" for this particular accusation of infiltration come from -- we kid you not -- some alleged woman named Kikki on some chatboard that no one has ever heard of who says, citing no evidence, that this infiltration is occurring. And that she's buying pepper spray. Later, after being echoed through the wingnut monkey cage, such firm reportage made its way to Neil Cavuto's Fox "News" show. Afterward, Cavuto's show was cited as "evidence" of the dastardly plot. 

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