Sunday, February 13, 2011

Supreme False Equivalency

Noah Feldman, writing in The New York Times, informs us that all Supreme Court justices are partisan tools:

Justice Antonin Scalia, for his part, naturally spends time with like-minded conservatives including Representative Michele Bachmann and Charles Koch. But when the brilliant, garrulous Justice Scalia hobnobs with fellow archconservatives, he is not being influenced any more than is the brilliant, garrulous Justice Stephen Breyer when he consorts with his numerous friends and former colleagues in the liberal bastion of Cambridge, Mass.

Exactly. Because Stephen Breyer lives in Cambridge and probably has liberal friends over for dinner, it's EXACTLY THE SAME as the "brilliant" Antonin Scalia acting in a very public and very partisan way by appearing at Tea Party gatherings organized by kooks like Michelle Bachmann and being a speaker at a conference funded by our Galtian heroes the Koch brothers. As for Cheney and Scalia duck-hunting together? Well, they weren't in the same blind! Also: Harry Truman played poker with a justice. So it's all on the level.

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