Monday, January 31, 2005

Derbyshire on IraqVote: "Euphoria is surely out of place"

Perhaps this was missed in all the flood of happytalk yesterday, but here is John Derbyshire, everyone's favorite non-gay, gay-seeming, gay-hater (and torture fan!) on yesterday's elections:

And while the election proceedings have been heartening, euphoria is surely out of place. Elections don't by themselves guarantee constitutional government. I have just finished reviewing Philip Short's new biography of Pol Pot(review to appear in the NY Sun next week). The Cambodians had elections a plenty, but they ended up with the Khmer Rouge just the same.

I don't wish the Iraqis any ill, though, and I am glad their election went well. Now, let's concentrate our thoughts on getting the heck out of there.

Paging the wingnuts! When will the hate rain down on this terror-lover?

Then again, perhaps he was disappointed that there weren't spontaneous formations of naked Iraqi pyramids.

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