Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Having your intellectual cake, eating it, and then squirting it out your rear

Brilliant ploy by the warbloggers last week: their pre-emptive attacks on reporters in Iraq had the clear intent of cowing them into not reporting what’s going on so that the spin of “Just the fact that they’re having an election” would sell. In other words, if massive attacks had engulfed the country, and had disrupted elections throughout, Insty, Powerline and Hughey and Dewey Hewitt would have squawked that the REAL STORY of the Iraqis voting was being “covered up” by those villains at the MSM-1138

And now these guys are all mind-readers, who know, in their heart of hearts, that the NYT, WaPo, Reuters, and many others had “lined up behind the terrorists” and really wanted to report mayhem -- really, they did! -- but were foiled by all the wonderful news. There is a word for this kind of thinking: paranoid, delusional psychosis.

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