Friday, March 25, 2005

Insty: Conservatives -- gasp! -- are hacks, too!

After maintaining relative radio silence for a number of days, InstaPundit finally comes to the conclusion that anyone with a cursory understanding of our alleged "rule of law" society has long ago concluded: The Schiavo Law passed by Congress was a reprehensible attack on everything this country supposedly stands for.
I'm quite astonished to hear people who call themselves conservatives arguing, in effect, that Congress and the federal courts have a free-ranging charter to correct any injustice, anywhere, regardless of the Constitution. And yet my email runneth over with just those kinds of comments. And arguing that "it's okay because liberals do it too" doesn't undercut my point that conservatives are acting like liberals here. It makes it.

Congrats on coming to this conclusion, and kudos for not backing down to the frothings of Hewitt. Astonishment, though? Hardly.

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