Monday, April 04, 2005

Not letting this one pass

I think it's become clear that, as a child, Glenn Reynolds was severely beaten by a bunch of bully journalists (or maybe it was something less dramatic). How else to explain his constant, bewildering equivalence of terrorists to reporters? Today's gem:

AUSTIN BAY writes that Saddam's remaining henchmen are desperate for headlines.

Sounds like some folks in the press were trying to help today.

Now that last swipe links to a piece in PubliusPundit that discusses the new Ukranian president's visit to Washington. What was the gripe? That the lead in a Reuters story mentioned the most newsworthy part of the visit -- what Bush had to say about the Ukraine leaving the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq. Bush said that he understood that it was an "election year" promise.

What near-treasonous stuff! If only damn Reuters weren't a sissy Brit company, we could try them for maliciously pointing out the truth.

OK, well maybe he's upset at this question posed by Terence Hunt of the Associated Press.

Ukraine and Italy and other allies will withdraw their forces from Iraq. Why should the United States continue to pay most of thecost and suffer most of the casualties when our allies are leaving?

Now, one could argue that this is a stupid question. But terrorist-equivalent?

How, exactly, either of these items "helps" the former henchman of Saddam is beyond me. Perhaps the Professor would like to explain? Otherwise, it's just another disgusting smear in a sad, long line of disgusting smears.

UPDATE: Just for the hell of it, I looked at the last part of Reynolds's snide post:

Meanwhile, Winds of Change has a roundup on Iraq that's more useful than anything you're likely to find in a newspaper anyway.

Take that, Big Time media! In Winds of Change, they really go around the Evil Lords of the Press by providing 18 links, almost exclusively to those, well, same un-useful newspapers, detailing what's going on in Iraq. Such a thumb to the eye of the media elite! Here's the breakdown:

A New York Times story expanded upon by a blog
A straight ABC News report (twice)
A straight Reuters story
A straight Knight-Ridder story
The New Republic’s Iraq’d blog
A link to USAid’s website
A link to Iraq the Model commenting on some local newspaper accounts
an L.A. Times story examined by a blog
a Seattle Post-Intelligencer story examined by a blog
A straight AP report
a New Zealand newspaper story examined by a blog
A link to a round-up of Iraq blogs
A link to the WMD- Intelligence Commission report
A link to some sort of ID bracelet/donation site
A link on “ways to support the troops”
A link to an Iraq toy drive

Yeah, who needs the press at all when you have bloggers who rely almost exclusively on them for their content?

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