Friday, April 29, 2005

Pray for the children

A student bravely reports from the front lines of an Ann Coulter appearance at her school:

My sister and I are both tired of repeatedly hearing from students who tell us that they did not attend the event, but think that Ann went over the line—that she’s mean, she’s a hater, she’s full of it, that she said things that were inappropriate, etc. None of these people can point to anything specific that she’s all hearsay. Example: Amie’s other roommate—who hadn’t gone—came into her room saying: "Do you know this girl (Ann)? She is so racist...someone went to her speech and said all she did was diss black people...and who would want to listen to that?"

The truth is that Ms. Coulter was politically correct and professional. Students are spreading outright lies about Ann’s performance, and so, everyone has an opinion on the event--even students who did not attend!


Ms. Coulter was very respectful and would respond with facts to those audience members who asked her questions. Sometimes she would respond with her quick wit, or would move on to the next person, if the questioner became extremely obnoxious.

Still searching for the irony air-quotes that must have undoubtedly been edited from the bolded text above.

And Katie, if you, like John Cloud, are having trouble finding any of the racist, risible, loony (and fact-free!) things that Ann Coulter has said in the past, may I direct you here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Oh, and here, too.

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