Monday, June 20, 2005

Protesting loudly

Hey, it's Slam Slate Day at Blogoland!

Just a few days ago, Mickey "even liberal" Kaus whimpered that the conservatives of the world were just aghast at the new Edward Klein smear job on the former First Lady, the ironically titled "The Truth About Hillary"
The real story--too subtle for a paper that has to dispatch a correspondent to cover conservatives the way they'd send a foreign correspondent to India--is that the right-wing reception of the new Hillary book has been wary and remarkably hostile.
Uh, sure, Mickey. So remarkably hostile that that the National Review teases big on its website its Q&A with the author. So remarkably hostile that these are the questions lobbed by a wary Kathryn Jean Lopez:
NRO: Might it have been more trouble than it was worth simply to relay that the Clintons have a "bizarre" relationship? Surely there are more polite examples.

NRO: Are you now part of some "Republican scream machine"? What was your intention in writing the book?

NRO: Is Sidney Blumenthal still "Hillary's brain"?

NRO: How is HRC like Nixon?

And so on. Such hostility.

UPDATE: And who can forget everyone's favorite mainstream drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, who subtly proclaimed on his program:
LIMBAUGH: I've got some interesting, juicy details on this book on Hillary by Ed Klein, but I'm not going to be the first to mention them. I'm not going there. It will come out eventually. It has to do with sexual orientation, and I'm not going to be the one. That's the book that everybody says is going to be presenting a firestorm.

Reeks of hostility.

LATER: I see Kevin Drum is wavelengthing with me.

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