Monday, September 05, 2005

Alex Chilton officially safe

Just got the word:
To a list of people I've been keeping in touch with: You may or may not already know but alex chilton's sister reports she heard from him sunday night on the phone and he is officially safe now. I do not know details about how he made it to safety or if he has been safe all along.

all i know is terry manning is saying something elsewhere about the coast guard rescuing him. If that is true, which is a detail his sister said she had no details on or else didn't know, then I'm glad because I phoned the coast guard Tuesday (what took them so long) and then again Wed. and then filed an online Coast Guard report around Friday and called the state police on Saturday. But for all I know he's been safe all along and just eventually was ready to leave. I have no idea.

he's ok now.

Sounds like good news to me.

Earlier reports here and here.

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