Friday, November 18, 2005

Traitors everywhere!

A foam-filled post:

Worse than Jimmy Carter? Could Be

In the tradition of his former boss Jimmy Carter, ex-CIA director Stansfield Turner has gone abroad to stab his country in the back.

Oh dear. What could he have said? Bush talks funny? Cheney throws like a girl? No, no, much worse.

A former CIA director has claimed that torture is condoned and even approved by the Bush government.

The devastating accusations have been made by Admiral Stansfield Turner who labelled Dick Cheney "a vice president for torture".

He said: "We have crossed the line into dangerous territory".

The American Senate says torture should be banned - whatever the justification. But President Bush has threatened to veto their ruling.

The former spymaster claims President Bush is not telling the truth when he says that torture is not a method used by the US.

Speaking of Bush's claims that the US does not use torture, Admiral Turner, who ran the CIA from 1977 to 1981, said: "I do not believe him".

On Dick Cheney he said "I'm embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture. "He condones torture, what else is he?".

These words, naturally, give the vapors to the Artist Formerly known as Ass-Missile. Is it just a matter of time before we get an analysis of Turner's use of Blank Verse?

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