Friday, December 16, 2005


Zaraqawi was caught last year, then released?

Maj. Gen. Hussein Kamal: "[H]e was released because we did not know the identity of this criminal."


UPDATE: I'm perplexed why this isn't getting bigger play in the MSB (main-stream blogosphere, though smaller sites seem to have picked it up) which went ga-ga over apparently false "Zarqawi dead" stories recently.

I'd be tempted to think that the lack of posting must mean that some were glad to see that Zarqawi had escaped. That is, if I were the type of person who engaged in such things. But I don't judge, you know?

LATER: Leave it to Pajamas Media to round up some of the kookiest commentary on this matter, including their highlighting of this crackpottery:

[T]he fact that [Zarqawi's release] was one year ago and being published precisely yesterday leads one commenter at Shelley The Republican to wonder whether this is the media trying to rain on the successful Iraqi elections parade

That actually makes a lot of sense. See, it was all a conspiracy by the Evil Big Media to force the general to speak to a Lebanese television station and admit that they had let the most-wanted man in Iraq go. Because somehow, an Iraqi general making the Iraqi security forces look bad is all a plot by the press to undermine democracy in the Middle East.

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