Thursday, March 29, 2007

McCain: The Lincoln of Our Time

John Hinderaker -- he of the restrained missives informing us that George W. Bush is "a man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius" -- decides to take a measured look at John McCain and see how he's fighting the Global War Against All Those Brown People:

When it comes to the war on terror, is he the Lincoln of our time?

Seriously. Even Hugh Hewitt's co-blogger thinks Hinderaker is out of his mind.

Later, Paul Mirengoff adds, in all seriousness: "I respect and admire John McCain, especially on the issue of Iraq. But I'd have to put aside his advocacy on behalf of detainee rights before I could consider him the Lincoln of our time on the war on terror."

I swear, Tbogg or Roy could stay up all night and still not write lines this funny.

Meanwhile: Still in search of American flaneurs in Baghdad.

UPDATE: Just as we expected on the flaneur matter. But kudos to Power Line for actually putting this up (it must have been severly disappointing for them not to stick it to CNN)

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