Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dishonest, or psychotic?

Here's Glenn Reynolds four days ago:

Tom Blumer complains of insufficient media coverage.

I suppose he’s got a point, but these protests are being well-covered in local media around the country. In terms of influencing Congress, I’d rather have a few hundred people march in each district than have a hundred thousand march in Washington, DC, even if the latter got a lot of coverage. 

That actually sounds reasonable. Too reasonable! (and at the time, presumably smart: whining would have left the man open to hilarious criticism involving foxes). And yet today, we have Prof. Reynolds giving the ole tacit-approval linkage to a guy at Accuracy in Media who accuses the press of "a dereliction of journalistic duty" for not sufficiently covering the glorious Teabagger protests. The AIM post laments that...

 The conservative-leaning Internet startup Pajamas TV is the only outlet consistently covering the protests...

...which is, of course, well-noted for its groundbreaking pimp-and-cover approach to journalism.

But why all the foot-stamping  now? Wasn't the blog-revolution supposed to make the dread MSM irrelevant?

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