Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Howard Kurtz: Clueless

I continue to be amazed at the sloppiness and laziness of Howard Kurtz, alleged media critic at the Washington Post, and noted Limbaugh apologist. Here he is today, writing about the blowhard's reaction to the Somali pirate incident:
And Rush Limbaugh didn't want Obama to fail -- on this one:

"I think we all must agree, folks, that when Obama does something right, we gotta go out there and we've got to acknowledge it. We gotta say he did a great job, and we've gotta be open-minded to the fact that Obama's going to do some good things. . . . I would like to not only jump on the bandwagon of praising President Obama for a brilliant rescue, not only a plan but its execution."

Now let's gover over this slowly, Howard. This. Is. Called. I-R-O-N-Y. Limbaugh does not mean what he says. In fact, he means exactly the opposite. You linked to the text of his first hour. I suggest you actually, you know read it, because only a retarded 3-year-old sea turtle would conclude that this was a person who was happy that Obama succeeded.

Ladies and gentlemen, I realize there are some who are still obstinate and stubborn here, unwilling to openly admit what happened -- and that is that this crisis was solved brilliantly, single-handedly by the Obama administration.


Now, even though it is ridiculous here to try to cast this in any other light, other than the heroic actions of our brave new president, President Obama, there are still naysayers. And it's very sad to me to see this.


See, this is great humility on the part our young president. He knows these people had nothing to do with it. This is all his operation. This was all his leadership. This is all him giving the order after the result of a week of careful and cool, calm deliberation on this. But he's willing to share the credit with others. We gotta give Obama credit when he is deserved credit. He had a warning, though, for other pirates.


Now, as you all know, on Sunday, the US military ended the pirate hostage crisis very much alone on the brilliant orders of command and execution by President Obama.


President Obama single-handedly solved the piracy situation over there in the horn of Africa...

And, finally, Rush explains Why He Is So Very Upset at the rescue, after getting a call from Deborah who says she understands the "sarcasm" that Rush was employing, to which Rush responds: "Wink-wink."

RUSH: If you saw my e-mail, you would not be comforted. (laughing) Deborah, thanks for the call, I appreciate it very much. Let me tell you what bothers me about this, since I have been open in my praise, since I have agreed with Jonah Goldberg that we need to bite the bullet, praise President Obama when he does the right thing. What really bothers me with the way this brilliant rescue, performed by the Navy SEALs, really bothers me the way this is being reported. I love that captain. I love the Navy SEALs. I love the US military. This is a spectacular success, and the timing on Easter Sunday could not have been better. It was a great day yesterday. This was an event that everybody was very proud of. That being said, I have a low-grade depression that underlies all this, as I expose myself to this puking reporting by the Drive-By Media. Politico, New York Times, Washington Post have chosen the headline: Obama Saves Day, giving Obama all the credit for this. I know why Obama's being tied to this as if he is the lead and the man who made it all happen and not the heroes who were directly involved.

This result, this wonderful result, folks, is going to result in raising Obama's approval ratings. That's what all of this is about. It will result in a series of stories about bravery and military success, with Obama as the key player. These approval numbers that will result from this reporting will be used as proof, or as Lanny Davis would say, poof, that Americans are totally on board for Obama's liberty depleting domestic power grabs. While we're all celebrating the end of the day for these Somali pirates, we still have to deal with the Beltway pirates who are looking to take $10 trillion from us over the next few generations.

Finally, even Jonah Goldberg, a not especially bright man, understands what was happening to him when Limbaugh constantly mocked his "atta boy, Obama" comments.

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